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Getting Started

Creating an account

To begin using KH-NB for your congregation:

  • Go to the 'add a new congregation' form here
  • Enter your congregation name
  • Enter your congregation number (your secretary will know this)

Complete the rest of the form adding your main hall address, meeting days, number of schools and passwords for the notice board and for your login.

Once done hit finish and KH-NB will generate your information board from a basic template.

The generated notice board will include the following:

  • Sound department/Attendants list
  • Midweek meeting assignments
  • Watchtower readers list
  • Public talk/Chairman list
  • Cart witnessing schedule
  • Service arrangements list
  • Service overseer visiting schedule
  • Hall cleaning and Kingdom Hall maintenance schedule
  • A handful of fake brothers names to populate the lists

You can add more lists and edit or remove the existing ones.

Adding brothers and sisters

Once you created your account the first thing to do is to add the names of the brothers and sisters that will appear on all of your lists. To do this:

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Go to 'Congregation'->'Bros/Sis' on the top navigation menu
  • Click 'add a person', enter title and name and click save

Important notes:

  1. Even though the notice board is online it will only be visible to those that have the password
  2. If you are entering the name of a minor onto the notice board please ensure that you have the permission of the parent or guardian before doing so

Adding meeting types

KH-NB needs to know details about the types of meetings and events that regularly happen in your congregation. The basic template that is used when you first create an account already has a few meeting types already set up.

To set up any more that you feel you may need:

  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Go to 'Meetigs/Events'->'Types' on the top navigation menu
  • Click 'add a new meeting type'
  • Enter the details and click save

Parent Meeting Types

A parent meeting type is required when you need to create a list that spans 2 or more other meeting types. For example on Sunday you may have the Public Talk followed by the Watchtower Review. These 2 meetings will need to be set up separately because you will have lists that are specifically for each one, ie the watchtower readers list and the public talk speaker list.

However you will also need a chairman, a sound operator and attendants whose jobs may span both meetings. To do this you create a parent meeting, in this case called the 'weekend meeting' and then you create the other 2 meetings using this meeting as their parent. That way you can then create lists for job lists that are either for one of the meetings or that span both meetings.