About KH-NB

KH-NB is an online notice board service for Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses.

A typical Kingdom Hall information board has many lists of brothers and sisters for various duties and assignments over the months. All of these lists are usually manually created and a lot of time can be spent on organising who does what.

KH-NB is designed to make this task much easier:

  • Automatic lists - many lists are just a simple rotation of a set list of brothers. KH-NB can automate this for you so that you don't need to do anything. Month after month the list generates itself. This can be set to auto-generate up to 6 months in advance. Of course the list can still be tweaked and lists can be set to be manually controlled as well.
  • Assignment clashes - how many times has the midweek meeting Chairman also been assigned to look after the sound system! KH-NB will automatically avoid clashes like this and adjust the assignments. You can tell KH-NB which clashes to adjust and which ones to just notify you about.
  • Print the lists straight off the website. You can set the time frame for any list and print them off. So, enter the brothers in the list, set it to auto-generate and then print if off. Simple!

What other benefits are there:

  • Its online!! KH-NB can be accessed anywhere that you have internet. Check to see who's taking over on the next cart shift! Check to see what the title of the coming public talk is while you are on the ministry! And of course its secure. Only those with the password can view the noticeboard.
  • Notifications - each brother/sister on the system can optionally receive notifications about their assignments. These can be sent out once a week to all at a set time and also at X amount of days before the actual assignment. No longer with Bro Inundated forget that he is taking the Congregation Bible Study.
  • No one gets missed out - no more accidentally missing Johnny's name off the Microphone Attendants rota. KH-NB won't make mistakes and will rotate through all the brothers on the list.
  • Its expandable - need a new list to manage who takes the Saturday morning Field Ministry Group? No problem. Just create a new list in KH-NB and from then onwards your Group Overseers will get notifications just before the day.
  • Its adaptable - circuit assembly week coming up? Just delete the midweek meeting for that week and refresh the assignments. KH-NB will re-organise the relevant lists. New meetings, ministry events etc can be added at any time.
  • Its designable - each list can have its own design feautures. Change background colours, font colours, sizes and type. Each list can be oriented differently as well at the click of a button. Design settings can also be saved and used on other lists potentially giving you a nicely formatted notice board.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is it?

Any data sent to and from the site is industry standard encrypted. Administrators and anyone that creates an account will have a secure username and password login.

What about GDPR (Data Protection)?

Data stored for each brother/sister on the system need only be their name and gender. Age is not stored so minors  won't be identifiable. Administrators though will need to get parents consent first before adding a minor to the list, especially if they will be set up to receive notification emails.

Can I assign someone to manage a particular list?

Yes, you can assign up to 2 people to manage a specified list. When they login they will see options to allow them to update the list. Also, administrators are able to manage any list.

Does this work on mobile devices?

Yes, KH-NB is 'responsive', it adapts its layout to fit the screen size. You can even manage the lists from a mobile device (not during a meeting of course).

Can I just add textual content to the notice board?

Yes. Pages can be created using a powerful online editor. This allows you to create a page of information in whatever layout you prefer.

Can I see old assignments?

KH-NB stores the last 2 months of assignments so you can easily go back and see who did what if needed.

Can I view other congregations information boards?

Yes. You will need their notice board password to do so. Then just use the 'find congregation' facility and login to their notice board.

Does it handle school assignments?

Yes, but KH-NB is not designed to automate school assignments. These need to be manually entered. The OCLAM overseer needs a lot of flexibility when assigning talks so its best that this list is left in manual mode.

Can I view all my upcoming assignments in one go?

Yes, just ask your administrator to set you up with a login and then you can view a page that shows all your upcoming jobs and assignments. Assignments for the week will also be emailed to you if you have given the administrator your email address.